A Collection of Information Security Community Standardization Activities and Initiatives

MSM Incubator

How to Participate

All pages in the MSM Incubator have, at minimum, a feedback email address where any feedback, comments, and concerns may be sent.

In addition, many incubator projects have public mailing lists for open discussions with the MITRE Team, government, industry, and others.


The Making Security Measurable "Incubator" is a collection of projects and specifications in the early stages of development that MITRE believes will become important or useful in the Making Security Measurable ecosystem. Projects in the incubator are often too immature or are evolving too quickly for general purpose use but are mature enough that MITRE is seeking feedback on them from the Making Security Measurable community

The primary goal of the MSM Incubator is to solicit feedback on the projects and specifications contained in it from the public. MITRE encourages everyone to send feedback to any of the projects in the MSM Incubator.

To suggest a project for inclusion in the MSM Incubator, or to offer any other comments, please contact us at measurablesecurity@mitre.org.

Index of Incubator Projects

Name of Project or Specification Date Added/Updated Current Status
Policy Language for Assessment Results Reporting (PLARR) 18 March 2010 Soliciting feedback on initial concept documents; Updated white paper posted
Assessment Results Format (ARF) 18 March 2010 Soliciting feedback on initial concept documents
Assessment Summary Results (ASR) 18 March 2010 Soliciting feedback on initial concept documents